The girl that was allergic to everything: a behind the scenes look at Mast Cell Activation Syndrome with herbalist Lesly Rae - THE LESS STRESSED LIFE PODCAST EPISODE 016

podcast Nov 14, 2017

When Lesly Rae started reacting to everything she ate or smelled and spent more of her week in the ER than not, she saw the reality that many Mast Cell Activation Syndrome clients face. It wasn't until she noticed her issues stabilizing from using the elderberry syrup she made each year that she began digging deeper into "healing" vs treating her condition. Today, Lesly has stabilized her condition from "being allergic to everything" to being able to eat whatever she wants and helps others with Mast Cell do the same. This interview sheds important light on a syndrome that is growing but not well understood.

Resources mentioned in this episode: For Lesly's herbals and help with Mast Cell Activation Disorder Yasmina's histamine site Mold literate functional medicine physician For food sensitivities & IBS, migraines, pain and custom inflammation reduction & gut healing

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